Monday, March 4, 2013


Hello friends and family (And random readers? Do I have those?)

I'm not moving physically, just electronically! And not actually really moving, more like downsizing. ANYHOO...


I've been keeping two blogs, which have essentially had the exact same content. I've decided to downsize to just one, which will help me to blog more!!

You can find new and updated posts HERE! The actual web address is

Set it as your bookmark, in your reader, or whatever cool thing you do to make reading about my life part of your your life (which is awesome, by the way).

OH. One small issue that some of you won't like. I will no longer be able to send my blog posts directly to your email. You'll need to actually go look. However, you can download tumblr as an app on your phone and follow me (and other cool people), in which case you can see me when you log on to check Facebook, Instagram, play games, or take selfies in your undies.


I originally started blogging on this here site several years ago. A few years ago, when I took up running and started trying to make some healthy changes to my lifestyle I also started a  blog on tumblr, which ended up just being a mirror image of this one.

Essentially, I've been posting here, and then copying everything over to tumblr. This poses a problem because:
  • I can't copy from tumblr and post here due to the formatting (it makes my words invisible to some people), which is a pain in the ass
  • I have to upload the pictures separately for each blog, which is a pain in the ass
  • Although my original intent was to keep the fitness/diet stuff over there and the funny stories here, I feel like they both add up to make a more complete and satisfying story, therefore I'm literally doing the exact same posts twice, which is a pain in the ass
  • The above reason is time-consuming, so I end up not blogging at all, which gets you guys all pissy
  • tumblr is generally easier to use, especially from my phone
  • If YOU are looking at my blog on your phone, tumblr will be easier for you to read (here you have to click on each blog post individually). 
So see? It's really for you. :)

Hope to see y'all over yonder on the tumblr.

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