Friday, March 1, 2013

A little recap...

Things I've been eating, doing, instagramming, case you missed it (or me).

Having dinner at Legal's last week: mahi mahi, cauliflower puree, olives and sun dried tomatoes, with fried artichoke spear thingies. Terrible picture of the most delicious thing ever.

 Taking artistic pictures of my brick wall and new orange fuzzy blanket.

 Taking cheesy kissy photos with this cute boy while shoveling out my car.

 Noticing how many different directions kitten fur grows, particularly on kitten noses.

Getting spoiled rotten and having this delicious dinner cooked for me after going to the gym.

Finding this awesome mug.

 Trying to figure out what this awesome animal is.

 Waking up to this frightening sight.
Having it pointed out that my cat with no ears looks more than a little like Scar from the Lion King. 
Having this stunning bouquet delivered to my work, just because.
Playing cards with my closest ladies.

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